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Dear Customer
You might think, ‘Why do I need wrapping. It was OK when we last moved. Some cracks on the chest of drawers, who cares!’ That’s what we can’t afford: e.g. cracks on the furniture.
A simple Scotch tape is not enough. Not to mention the stubborn sticky stains. If you don’t want spend hours scratching sticky bits of Scotch tape from your furniture, ask for moving with wrapping.
Wrapping paper
0.7 x 200m / roll

It provides protection against physical
impact. It makes wrapping harder and safer.
Use of blister foil and fixing foil is
recommended under corrugated cardboard.

Plastic foil (transparent):
0.5 x 150 m / roll

It protects furniture from dirt and
small physical impact. It is highly
recommended for wrapping varnished furniture
and fixing doors and drawers.

Blister foil:
1.2 x 100m / roll

It is used for wrapping sensitive objects
(leather, lacquered, varnished). Blister foil
is fixed with safety foil.

Our prices include 27% VAT.